please, deliveries are a courtesy and are not free,driver must be given gratuity or we will add 3.00 to each delivery ​​​​​​​there after/also we expect you to be ready for your order, other peoples food may be sitting in the car. if the driver has to wait more than one time, we will not deliver to you anymore.

we have recently changed our delivery policy and created a $15 minimum between 1145am and 145pm. exceptions are customers that are 1/2 minutes away from us and are" quick to meet the driver".

(which is really appreciated and helps 

all deliveries go smoother)

our facility can only handle so much demand and with 35 in house seats and take-out we were getting totally stretched out and we were not able to service our customers properly. we have one driver for the same reason, we can only put out so much food at one time. please understand, we are trying to serve the freshest food possible when we deliver, we dont cook the food and let it sit, we try to cook just before it goes out. thanks the management


Monday - Friday:7am-3pm
Saturday: 10am-2pm
Sunday: CLOSED